Created by Advanced Web Designs Inc.Attention Plus + uses the same Quotient/ADHD™ System as Edward Hallowell, M.D. founder of The Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health and co-author, with Dr. John Ratey, of Driven to Distraction and Answers to Distraction, which have sold more than a million copies. This nationally recognized, Harvard-McClean diagnostic tool is part of the comprehensive assessment program we have carefully designed to accurately identify and treat ADD/ADHD and other co-existing conditions. Our team has the credentials and the experience to help you…Reveal Your Potential. Thomas H. Moseley M.D. Child Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist Dr. Moseley specializes in the treatment of ADD/ADHD in children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Moseley has been in private practice in Melbourne, Florida since 1995. He graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine after finishing his undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Florida. He completed his residency in General Psychiatry and fellowship in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Tulane Medical Center located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Moseley has been married for 18 years and has three children at home. Richard A. Moore, LMHC, CEAP Rich is a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and certified Employee Assistance Professional with over 30 years of clinical experience. Along with treating children and adults with ADD/ADHD, he specializes in PTSD/Trauma and Substance Abuse treatment. Other areas of interest include family and marital difficulties, behavior issues ,anxiety as well as depression. Rich attended the University of Pittsburgh. He and his family have lived in Brevard County for over 25 years. George V. Burton LCSW(Licensed Clinical Social Worker) George V. Burton has had over 15 years of clinical experience treating both children and adults with ADHD symptoms and other related problems of stress, anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Abuse, and poor impulse control. He teaches a class in anger management and holds two advanced degrees. Mr. Burton is a member of the Florida Society for hypnotherapists and has recently been selected as an honored memeber of the Heritage Registry of Who's Who. Mr. Burton is married and has two daughters.